Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bridge Fight

also beside goku Transform to SS3! i also have created this movie:
called "Bridge Fight" i made it as a commission for the Deviantart User: rainbowsunlight
anyway if you want a commission flash for me. just PM me in DA! i might do it ; )
of course big thanks to Caxx and Twisted4000 for their Awesome Voice Acting help!

on an other move: i will do a new Potara Project Animation!
with Goku (Dragon ball) and Luffy (One Piece) ! he will be called "Luko". dont say hes name should be called "Gofy"cuz that would be hes name on his Fusion Dance version...
anyway heres a picture:

anyway thats it so far. if you like my stuff. make sure to subscribe me in Youtube
oh and watch my Manga: Double Gender

with lova

My Newest Video

a redone flash animation about the epic moment in DBZ where Goku TURNS SS3

also heres a fanart of Goku & Vegeta in their classic pose as SSJ4:
you can check out more of my artworks in my Deviantart Page wich is here