Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contest and more

i just got a new badass laptop wich im going to rock out with it :)
and i made those few artworks here on the last days:


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dragon Ball Animations

lately i made alot of DBZ animations. the biggest one is "Draon ball Multivers" based around DBM by salagir and gogeta jr.:

also i had a few short DBZ parody animations, here some examples:

AND also an umpcoming DBZ animaton im working on right now:


TFS and Vocaloid

http://bocodamondo.deviantart.com/ i lately started to something silly combined between Team fortress2 and Vocaloid:
hers my main artwork: 

                                         Heavy weapons miku:

more cooming soon...


A couple of artworks..now that i can reuse my blog again here some stuff i made lately:
a commission artwork
and many more like :

check out the rest of my artworks here http://bocodamondo.deviantart.com/