Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekly Update 7

sorry it took me a bit to make this weekly post , but this one going to be a bit bigger than the previous ones
because i got quite the update this time.

yep, i recently released the preview of DBM ep4. you can check it out

2: Dragon Ball Multiverse Episode 4
i will spent most of this and next month working on the episode and see how far i can go with it.
as for a finished percentage rate?

heres a GIF preview of the most recent scene i finished animating..well almost finished

3: Valentine's Animation
its finished, now im just waiting for the 14th . to upload it

4: Drawings
i didnt made much drawings this week since well...guess why
but i made this one
also i made a Star vs the forces of evil last week but forgot to upload it here

well thats it for this week. 'ill next one!

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