Monday, September 21, 2015

Catching up Update

Dragon Ball Multiverse Episode 4 is finished

dragon ball Multiverse episode 4 is finally finished. i hope you'll like the finished result
i tried my best to make it look as good as i can (of course at the price of time) i mean if you compare this to the previous 3 episodes, 
you'll notice a huge leap in quality
like detailes on characters, the impact of the punches, even the backgrounds are better considering the fact that im really REALLY bad at BGS.
about the fact that this took so me, i hate the fact that the animations takes forever as much as you do, if there was a real life hyperbolic time chamber, i would be inside it animating every freaking day!
so yeah you can make fun of how each episode takes 1 year to make, i wont blame you,
 all i want you is to keep this in mind, i am NOT trying to make those as fast as i can, its quite the opposite, i take as much time as i want so that the result will look as good as i can make it.
trust me, if i made an episode that will only need like 3 months to make, you will hate the result.
and keep in mind, most of the animation is frame by frame, and not motion tweens, so obviously it takes alot longer to animate. just look at some great FBF animators like spazkid or happyharry, they take forever to finish a 3 minutes animation, because they put all the time and effort into their works
i am NOT trying to say im as good as them in animation skills, but i just want you to keep that in mind before doing a "it takes 1 year to make an episode" joke.
also id like to point out, i make other stuff aside DBM episode, like some still drawings and short gif animations
you might argue that its just a waste of time and i should only focus on DBM, but that would drive me insane, i always want to improve and try different things and find my own style, if the only thing ill make is a DBZ animation not even with my own art style, it would drive me insane
also drawing all those drawing greatly helps me to improve in both art quality an animation, again as i said, just compare this to the previous 3 episodes.
so yeah i would be really glad if you try to keep those facts in mind to know why it takes soo long.
back when i started making these DBM episodes, i wanted to make an animated version of DBM for fellow DBM readers who would love to see a animated version of that awesome fancomic series.
so basically,

Tl:DR suprsingly a long fbf animations takes quite a while for one person, and im not trying to rush this either

thanks for reading and being patient ^^
if you enjoyed this episode, then all the hard work and time ive put into this was worth it <3

p.s patreon? some people have suggested i should create a patreon, since im poor as heck, and cant afford to hire help from animators for the inbetweens....but i dunno, that shit is overused, everyone and their mothers are having a freaking patreon.
im suck alot of people are just sick of that name alone.
so i dunno if i would get much money if i start one /:[