Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Episode 5 Release and why it took so long.

welp, its finally finished, the 5th chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse Animated.
some may wonder why the animation took so long, and just to let you know, it didnt LITERALLY took me a year to animate, i worked on quite other stuff PLUS real life getting sick some days where i couldnt even draw at all etc...
and  i am horrible at time management, something i REALLY should fix in the future to avoid this from happening again.
first of all, i started working on the animation in November of 2015. i didnt even touch it in the entire month of  October,
also its important to note I DO NOT TRY TO FINISH THIS ANIMATION.
i try to make sure it looks as good as i can make it, yes this also means that i dont open the project on days when i dont feel like working on it because I KNOW the result i will produce from that day will be a mess.

speaking of bad time management, i REALLY FUCKED IT UP ON THAT when i downloaded YGOPRO in the past few months, that game is what really ruined everything and stopped me from finishing the episode at the summer as promised in the preview.
i really fucked it up on that and i regret it big time. but i got just soo addicted to the game, and im also just a human being :C.
if i would count how much time it would actually took me to finish the animation if i focused only on it. probably 5 or 6 months.
well all im asking for you now is IF you like video to share around it, because that would help me big time!
also since i didnt upload in like forever, this video may not show up in all my subscribers feed. so again, sharing it would really REALLY make me happy!

with lova