Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lost Progress

in case someone still doesn't know yet, watch this
..so yeah, i am trying to rework on the episode again but from a different point so that i dont have to rework on the lost bit again now until much later...

i'll try to post regular updates on my patreon from now on, even more than in my twitter or tumblr.


  1. ransomware was the problem after all

  2. Bocodamondo, we have been trying to contact you but you do not have an email setup on your youtube channel, we are an online store that sell dragon ball items and we are open to sponsor your channel to help you get back on your feet, please send us an email to: sponsorship@trending-niche.com

  3. your work fight scene better than dragon ball super for me .. even if it not Good enaugh but the story its fantastic .. well support you to return .. which softwar you used to create that anime ? and i've search on episode 6 o cant find it .

  4. hey what is the software you use that you make anime i can help you get it if you don't mind making more anime and maybe learn so i can help out if possible. email me: truelifedemi@gmail.com

  5. man use ubuntu,dont need install the system just the test mode!! i use when my pc fails,and save my ass too many times!